Tech Resources - #2

Computer information to keep staff on the cutting edge of technology. The goal is to deliver useful computer related tips and tutorials. 

Tech Resources will provide staff members tutorials, instructions, directions, and other learning tools.

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The following are possible resources for you to consider in support of your instructional practice.


  • Foreign language teachers have an additional practice site that students might find engaging. Duolingo offers excellent, individualized practice for students studying a variety of foreign languages. Its combination of verbal and written language work makes it a free find worth delving into.


  • AAA Math is a site recommended by a couple of teachers as an excellent supplement to math instruction.  It serves as a great place to find additional resources for nearly every math concept from kindergarten through eighth grade.


  • StudyLadder.  It is a multi-subject interactive site that allows you to differentiate for all levels of students through grade six. With the ability to import entire class lists, you can set up individualized, interactive work for your students.  This site has color coded leveling.  While teachers are shown which color represents which grade level, the students are not.  


  • Quizlet provides a fantastic place for teachers to create their own quizzes, games and activities to suit their curriculum.  Already widely-known by many, Quizlet offers a way to practice skills in a variety of ways.  It is a great means of avoiding the traditional, scary paper study guide and engages kids much like a video game would.  By linking specific Quizlet activities to your possible course's Moodle page, students can begin working on them as soon as a teacher posts it or allows it to be seen by students.ts.


  • A cool, free journaling web tool.  Realistic, it functions just like a notebook. Penzu could be a great venue for journal writing, reflection, and curricular writing.  Pictures and files can be attached with ease, and notebook pages can be shared with teachers as needed.

PLANETNUTSHELL and Keeping Safe online 

  • Staff should have resources for teaching students how to recognize unsafe situations online 
  • (Planet Nutshell has a great set of videos on the topic).  

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