Willow Run Community Schools Hall of Fame

Willow Run Community Schools Hall of Fame Inductees


WRHS LogoThe Willow Run Community Schools Hall of Fame was intended to recognize the accomplishments of Willow Run High School alumni; to motivate and encourage high school students to aspire to a higher standard of achievement, and to increase community awareness of the high school and its outstanding tradition of excellence and success.

Hall of Fame Alumni Inductees

There were 86 alumni inducted into the Willow Run Community Schools Hall of Fame.

2011-2012 Inductees

  • Cory L. Bergen, graduated 1979, Teacher and Coach at Dexter High School
  • Noncy Elston-Fields, graduated 1985, Teacher, Willow Run Community Schools
  • Darryl K. Smith, graduated 1986, Chief Evaluator Flight Engineer Examiner with U.S. Air Force
  • Betty Cooper-Hopkins, graduated 1969, Retired Teacher, Willow Run Community Schools
  • Sheryl McCleery, graduated 1970, Owner of Tom's Mom's Cookies

2010-2011 Inductees

  • Barrett D. Alexander, graduated 1983, Director of Bands and Instructor of Music Technology
  • Elaine M. Faugher Cantrell graduated 1989, Teacher, Willow Run Primary Learning Center
  • James D. Ethington, Jr., graduated 1979, USAF Retired, Ordained Minister, Pastor/Counselor
  • Torrence R. Greene, graduated 1992, Assistant Principal, Willow Run Intermediate Learning Center
  • Erica R. Roberson, graduated 1996, Senior ABM, Unilever Brand Management Marketing

2009-2010 Inductees

  • Pascal John Hall, graduated 1998, deceased; United States Secret Service Officer
  • Jon Maggard, graduated 1980, Chief, Police Service, Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Renee' Smith, graduated 1990, Principal, Willow Run Community Schools
  • Charles Swanson II, graduated 1984, College Professor/Cinematographer Loyola Marymount University
  •  Lt. Colonel Ronald Thornton, graduated 1980, Commercial Airline Pilot-Delta, Naval Aviator

2008-2009 Inductees

  • Lynn Adams, graduated 1981, Engineer, Ford Motor Co., and CEO of Bravolutions, LLC
  • Rob Cannon, graduated 1983, Teacher of Mathematics, Willow Run Community Schools
  • Opio Shaah, graduated 1996, Co-Owner of United Sonz Business Solutions
  • Rolland Sizemore, Jr., graduated 1969, Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority
  • Naomi Williams, graduated 1964, Social Worker for Hope Clinic

2007-2008 Inductees

  • Marcus Bond, graduated 1977, Entrepreneur
  • John Ferguson, graduated 1991, Sales/Profit and Loss Manager, Ten Cate Enbi, Inc.
  • Marvin Miller, graduated 1972, Co-Paster, Professor, Musician
  • Esaw Peterson, graduated 1963, Retired Insurance Agent, State Farm
  • Bryan Schroeder, graduated 1992, Principal, Dundee High School

2006-2007 Inductees

  • Rick Church, graduated 1979, Director of Utility Department, Superior Township
  • James Hale, graduated 1981, Facility Manager, MENLO Worldwide-Bobcat Division
  • Robin Mike, graduated 1972, Social Service Specialist, State of Michigan, Department of Human Services
  • Dr. George Lee Miller, graduated 1959, Professor Emeritus, Litchburg State College
  • Marcus Webster, graduated 1981, Vice-President Sales and Marketing, FSM Labs, Inc.

2005-2006 Inductees

  • Brian S. Banks, graduated 1983, Academic Advisor, University of Michigan
  • Willie J. Kendricks, graduated 1959, Engineer Consultant with General Electric, Nuclear Energy
  • Lawrence L. Nelson, graduated 1984, President and CEO, Lang Custom Homes
  • Charles B. Thomas, graduated 1962, Physician Assistant
  • Lamanzer D. Williams, graduated 1993, Retired National Football League Football Player, Willow Run Assistant Head Football Coach

2004-2005 Inductees

  • Clyde Ethington, graduated 1962, Counselor
  • Donald Fields, graduated 1985, Vice-President of Human Resources
  • Lucy Jayne Geidner, graduated 1983, Staff Sergeant, Army Recruiter
  • Cassandra Denise Jones-White, graduated 1980, Manager Defense Intelligence Agency
  • Vivian Elizabeth Mullen-Ray, graduated 1957, Retired Paraeducator

2003-2004 Inductees

  • Ron Egnor, graduated 1958, Attorney
  • William McFarlane, graduated 1965, Superior Township Supervisor
  • Larry W. Newhouse, graduated 1961, EMU Ford Gallery Director/Business Owner
  • James D. Roberts, graduated 1963, City of Ypsilanti Fire Chief
  • Donald G. Stewart, graduated 1967, Teacher/Coach
  • Dr. Darryl M. Warner, graduated 1985, School Psychologist

2002-2003 Inductees

  • DeLynn Blackburn, graduated 1984, Consulting Manager, Medical Technology
  • DJ Culkar, graduated 1981, Attorney
  • Eric Dziedzic, graduated 1986, Technical Sergeant, United States Air Force
  • Martha Kern, graduated 1976, Senior Accountant and Public Official
  • Sharon Rideout McDonald, graduated 1961, Author, Storyteller and Seminar Leader

2001-2002 Inductees

  • Delores Blackburn, graduated 1957, Retired School Teacher
  • Elizabeth Coleman, graduated 1980, Research and Laboratory Practitioner
  • James Hall, graduated 1968, Special Deputy U.S. Marshall
  • Colleen O'Neal, graduated 1965, Public Official
  • Cecil Rice, graduated 1962, Superintendent, Southfield Public Schools

2000-2001 Inductees

  • Von Acker, graduated 1970, Teacher/Coach Willow Run Community Schools
  • Karen Brown-Waters, graduated 1967, Associate Dean of College of Education and Human Services, University of Detroit Mercy
  • Jimmy Moore, graduated 1959, Licensed Private Investigator
  • David D. Stewart, graduated 1963, Retired School Administrator
  • Shannon Withem, graduated 1990, Baseball Player

1999-2000 Inductees

  • JoeAnn Mills Allen, graduated 1966, Principal at Ford Elementary
  • Keith Jackson, graduated 1981, Aerospace Engineer for McDonnel Douglas (Boeing)
  • Willie Richardson, Jr., graduated 1961, Dean of Community Services, Delta College
  • Karen Lovejoy Roe, graduated 1972, Supervisor, Charter Township of Ypsilanti
  • Maria Wilson-Holmes, graduated 1977, Corporate Affairs Manager for MediaOne

1998-1999 Inductees

  • Robert Carnahan, graduated 1978, United States Army Helicopter Pilot, Chief Warrant Officer-3
  • Gene DeRossett, graduated 1964, State Representative for the 55th Michigan House District
  • Njoki (Sandra E. Jackson) Kamuyu, graduated 1965, Teacher for WRCS
  • Jesse McGuire, graduated 1976, Professional Musician and President of PowerTrump, Inc.
  • Ronald G. Miller, graduated 1972, Assistant to the President of Eastern Michigan University

1997-1998 Inductees

  • Clyde D. Dowell, graduated 1956, Director of Public Works for the City of Detroit
  • David Johnsen, graduated 1961, Dean of the College of Dentistry—University of Iowa
  • Sarabeth Margolis Wizen, graduated 1968, President of Brookehill Equities, Inc. 
  • Fred Spike, graduated 1965, General Manager of Sun International Ltd.
  • Belinda Williams, graduated 1971, Fashion Designer

1996-1997 Inductees

  • Nickolas Ashford, graduated 1959, Songwriter
  • Gregory Brooks, graduated 1972, Electrical Engineer|
  • John Gordon Coburn, graduated 1958, Electrical Engineer
  • Anthony Green, graduated 1984, Los Angeles Police Officer
  • Cecilia Lee Hebrew-Wiserman, graduated 1984, Entertainer-Musician
  • Earl Jackson, graduated 1966, Artist
  • Peter Cooper Mike, graduated 1960, Health Care Administrator
  • Constance Ross, graduated 1971, Attorney
  • Barbara Willis, graduated 1959, Administrator Detroit Resue Mission
  • W. Douglas Winters, graduated 1970, Attorney