Enrollment Procedure

Welcome to the Ypsilanti Community Schools

We are proud of our schools and strive to provide an outstanding educational program for all students. We look forward to working with parents and guardians to ensure a successful school experience for each student! Enrollment is at the buildings.

The district offers a variety of outstanding opportunities for all students. This is the "place to be" if you are interested in enrolling a child in kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Email Requests:

Registrar (Record Requests): 
Email: Records@ycschools.us

Link to Enrollment Procedures document to download  (PDF)


School profiles are useful and informative that can help parents connect their prospective students with the best-fit school.

Link to YCS School Profiles

Great Start Readiness Preschool(GSRP) and Headstart

Preschool registration started TODAY!!!

Have you heard?! We're offering FREE quality preschool for 3 & 4 year-olds!

See if you qualify:

Link to the Interest form 

Welcome to Washtenaw County Quality Preschool Partnership

Preschool Picture

Are you looking for free high quality preschool within Washtenaw County for a child who is 3 to 5 years old and wondering if you qualify? Please fill out our interest form below or call 1(800) 777 - 2861 to determine if your child is eligible to attend a FREE Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) or Head Start preschool program in Washtenaw County.  For more information on available local programs and eligibility criteria, click on 

About Us. Any family wishing to apply for GSRP or Head Start in Washtenaw County must complete this interest form.

Link to the Interest form 


YCS Enrollment - Registration

Applications must be submitted online

You will receive a call from YCS to finish up the registration process.

Link to Registration Gateway, online registration

Enrollment Process

  1. Parent completes online registration application.
  2. Secretary checks online registration for any in her building.
  3. Secretary calls the parent to schedule an appointment to receive all required documents & finalize the application.  At that time, the secretary gives the parent their start date and sends a request to Transportation.
  4. Takes 24 hours for RG to populate to Powerschool.

You are considered a returning student if you previously were enrolled at YCS.

For returning students: If your child has ever attended YCS click on the link below 

Use this link below to update information for returning students.
Link to Registration Gateway, online registration for Returning students



Ypsilanti International Elementary School  (Y.I.E.S.)

Admissions Process 2021-22
YIES Enrollment Priorities

Openings for 2021-22: Y5’s=20, K=46, 1st=1, 2nd=41, 3rd=26, 4th=27, 5th=9

YIES 21-22 Enrollment DEADLINE to complete the re-enrollment survey was Friday, March 5th. The survey is now closed. If you did not complete a survey to reserve your child’s enrollment slot for the 21-22 school year, your child will be removed from the YIES enrollment roster for the upcoming school year.

Y5/Kindergarten-5th Grade Enrollment Priority

  1. Sibling Priority-Scholars whose siblings are currently enrolled at YIES, and has a confirmed placement for the requested school year, pending space availability.

  2. Resident Priority-Scholars who live within the boundaries of Ypsilanti Community Schools (a lottery will be held if necessary).

  3. YCS Employee Priority-Scholars whose legal guardian is currently employed by Ypsilanti Community Schools  (a lottery will be held if necessary). 

  4. School of Choice (SOC)- Scholars who live outside of the boundaries of Ypsilanti Community Schools (a lottery will be held if necessary).

April 5, 2021, YIES Application Opens

Open enrollment for 21-22 Admissions is now open, April 5th and closed on August 13th. For those who submitted a sibling enrollment interest survey, you will need to submit an admissions application to be considered for admissions and enrollment priority. 

*No Open Houses, or building tours are scheduled due to COVID-19 social gatherings guidelines. A virtual building tour will be posted on the school website, and other social media outlets.

  • June 1st

Deadline to submit application for early notification.

  • June 10th at 1:00pm: Lottery (if necessary) for all slots available. 

A live streamed lottery will be held due to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. A link to view the live streaming will be posted closer to the date.  

  • June 24th

Accepted and waitlist communications emailed to parent/guardian for open slots

  • August 13th

Application for 21-22 Admission closes.

YIES K-5 Admissions Process for 2021-2022



YCS is Offering a NEW Kindergarten English & Spanish Dual Language Immersion Program

This program is open to in-district and school of choice students.

Link to Application

Link to the program flyer

SLC Registration

Application form

Ypsilanti STEMM Middle College Graduation Requirements

YPSI Community Connected Schools is now accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year. 

The Ypsi Community Connected School application is open to in-district and school of choice applicants.

Enroll Now!

Link to application

CTE Application

Ypsilanti Community Schools is offering a variety of educational programs designed to give students a jump start on college and careers. The high school counselor will assist students with enrolling in these dynamic programs.

Link to CTE Application

Supporting documents required for enrollment:

(click on the document type for detailed information)


Record of student's birth

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Hospital Record

Record of Immunizations

  • Bring an immunization record from an authorized health care provider or public health agency (month/day/year is required for all immunization dates).
  • Immunizations for polio, DPT, measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) and hepatitis B are required.
  • Varicella vaccine(s) or proof of disease (chickenpox) is required for students entering grades kindergarten through 10. Students in grades kindergarten through 5 only, must provide a signed note from the health care provider with the month and year of disease as proof of disease. For students in grades 6 through 10, proof of disease shall be a signed note from the parent/guardian or health care provider with the month and year of disease.

Immunization Waiver

For Immunization Waiver: Make an appointment at the Washtenaw County Public Health Immunization Clinic. The clinic is located at 555 Towner Street in Ypsilanti. To make an appointment, call 734-544-6700.
*Please note that the schools will no longer have waivers. You must receive a certified waiver from the health department for it to be a valid waiver. 

New Vaccine Waiver Rules

Link to New Vaccine Waiver Rules

Consent for Disclosure for Immunication Information

For Local and State Health Departments
Link to Consent Form

Documentation of Legal Residence for Parent/Guardian

  • Bring a copy of one of the following items:
  • Contract of home purchase
  • Real estate lease
  • Current water, electric or gas bill showing address
  • Notarized letter from the owner of residence with whom the family is living along with the owner's legal proof of residence as listed above.

Residency Affidavit 

Link to residency affidavit

Parents can complete the referral for homeless services online.

Foster Care or Court Ordered Guardianship

If the student is under the care of foster parents or court-ordered legal guardianship, please bring the appropriate documents.


Students residing outside of the YCS district boundaries but living within Washtenaw County or a contiguous county are eligible to enroll as a school of choice student.

Application for 2021-2022

School Of Choice Windows

Semester 1 

  • Start date of the PROPOSED application and enrollment window: 02/11/2021
  • End date of the PROPOSED application and enrollment window: 10/06/2021

Semester 2

  1. Start date of the PROPOSED application and enrollment window:10/07/2021
  2. End date of the PROPOSED application and enrollment window:02/09/2022

Word DocumentLink to the application (DOC)

PDF DocumentLink to the application (PDF)

PDF DocumentLink to the application (PDF Fillable)

Preschool, Young 5's, and Kindergarten Enrollment

Age Requirements for the 2021-22 School Year

Eligibility: Age 3 by December 1st, 2021

  • DOB Eligibility:  12/1/2017 through 11/30/2018

Eligibility:  Age 4 by December 1st, 2021 

  • DOB Eligibility: 12/1/16 through 11/30/17

Young Fives
a two-year program designed for children turning 5 years old between June 1 and August 31st.

  • DOB Eligibility: 6/1/2016 through 8/31/2016

Students who turn 5 after August 31st should enroll in the preschool program.

Eligibility: According to Michigan Compiled Law under MCL 380.1147 and 388.1606 enrollment age for incoming kindergarten students are as follows:

  • Students must turn 5 by September 1, 2021. 

  • DOB Eligibility: 12/1/2015 through 6/1/2016

To register for Preschool at Ford, Perry, or Beatty go to www.washtenawpreschool.org


Order secure transcripts online through Parchment. Register for an account at www.parchment.com and choose where (schools or addresses) transcripts should be sent: 90% of higher education facilities accept these transcripts.

Phone Requests:

Transcripts and verification of graduation should call:
(734) 221-1066

Email Requests:

Registrar (Record Requests): 
Email: Records@ycschools.us



Virtual Learning Academy Consortium (VLAC) offers a choice for parents who want to be more directly involved in their child’s education..  

Link to VLAC enrollment information