Immunization Requirements

Immunization Information

Parents who need to get their child immunized should contact their primary care physician for immunizations. If they need a waiver, the Health Department is conducting waiver appointments as we are able. Please have parents call us and leave a message at 734-544-6700 to get on a waiting list for a waiver.

State law requires that any student enrolling in a Michigan school for the first time must show proof of immunization against the following diseases or present a waiver that was obtained through the Washtenaw County Health Department with a seal and signature.

♦ DPT (diphtheria, tetanus & pertussis) — must have 4 doses with a booster every 10 years from the last vaccine;
♦ OPV (oral polio) — must have three doses;
♦ MMR (measles, mumps & rubella) — must have 2 doses;
♦ Hepatitis B — must have 3 doses; and
♦ Varicella (chickenpox)

--  or present documented immunity from a reliable source - applies to all new school entrants including kindergarten. This could include a parent’s statement that their child had previously had varicella (chickenpox) disease. State law mandates that an Immunization assessment be completed on preschoolers, kindergarteners, current 7th graders and all students new to the district. This Act was passed so that there would be a means of assuring the children are adequately immunized against preventable disease before they reach adolescence when some of these diseases become a greater threat to their health. If the immunization requirements are not met the student may be excluded from school until proof of required immunizations are obtained and verified and/or if there is a case of certain communicable diseases in the school building. Vaccines can be obtained through the Washtenaw County Health Department (734) 544-6700 or your family physician. If you have any questions, please contact your school nurse.