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Checklist for Supporting Your Virtual Learner

Make sure to complete the checklist below: 

___ I have helped my child set up a dedicated workspace

___ I have assured that my child has the necessary technology to complete their coursework and engage with their teacher and classmates

___ With my child I have set clear expectations about coursework and participation and helped them commit to dedicated work time during the day

___ I have access and reviewed the class schedule and Google Classroom with my child and made sure they can access the course materials and resources

___ I have helped my child setup a Zoom account using my child's school email address  

___ With my child, I have determined how to contact their teacher and have talked to my child about how and when to seek help

___ I am clear on the expectations the school has for my child regarding participation, course engagement, and assignment completion 

___ I am ready to support my child and work with the school and teacher to ensure success 

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