Physical Education

Language for Physical Education

Ypsilanti Community Schools offers a robust Physical Education skill-based program with a planned program of instruction. Physical education educators use practices outlined by the State of Michigan’s Exemplary Physical Education Curriculum (EPEC). Each building also holds various wellness evening events and daytime field days. The goal at YCS is to create physically literate individuals who can lead a lifestyle of health and fitness long after their they leave our school district.

Developmental Skills

At the elementary level, physical education focuses on the areas of motor skill development, object control skills, and general comfort with physical fitness.

At the middle school level, games and activities build upon learned skills to assist in forming lifetime habits.

High school students are given opportunities to design their own physical fitness program based on previously learned skills and habits.


Ypsilanti Community Schools has a valuable pool of partners to collaborate with resources and events including YMCA, EMU, Food Gatherers, growing hope, University of Michigan’s Project Healthy Schools, St. Joseph Mercy Health System, PE-Nut and more.