Technology Forms

Forms for parents


Student AUP for Computer and Internet Use 

(For secondary & elementary students)

Staff YCS Network and Internet Access Agreement

(For Staff Members)

COPPA compliance 

(For elementary students only)

The following is an explanation of the forms:

Student AUP for Computer Use

· All students that use district technology should complete, along with a parent or guardian, the form "Student AUP for Computer Use." Although it looks similar to the AUP signed and collected in the past, it has been revised and needs to be completed by all students.

Student AUP for Internet Use

· All students that use district technology and also access the internet must complete, along with a parent or guardian, the form "Student AUP for Internet Use." This is a new form and coupled with the Student AUP for Computer Use constitutes the minimum required for us to provide network and internet access for a student.

COPPA compliance

· All elementary students under the age of 13 that are anticipated to use web 2.0 tools in any capacity as part of their classroom instruction should have their parent/guardian complete the form "COPPA compliance."

The forms do not, in themselves, constitute compliance with our legal obligations under the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Rather, they are part of our district's ongoing effort towards protecting and educating our students in their digital life.

Changes in the law now stipulate that on or after July 1, 2012 age-appropriate education at all grade levels will also need to take place. Specifically, we "must provide for the education of minors about appropriate online behavior, including interacting with other individuals on social networking websites and in chat rooms and cyberbullying awareness and response." Everyone in our district wishes to support families as we collectively work to ensure that our students are safe and appropriately behaved online. We welcome ideas and questions on these and other matters. Email may be directed to