Students eligible for these scholarships must:

  • Meet the GPA required by the individual scholarship and for the last three semesters have shown progress;
  • demonstrate strong verbal and written communication skills;
  • place a priority on education;
  • possess diverse interests as indicated by participation in a variety of high school activities;
  • show evidence of citizenship and community service;
  • have character traits that include maturity, integrity, self-discipline, responsibility, motivation, dedication, achievement, and commitment. 

Donations to YCSF

Thank you for your interest in supporting the students of Ypsilanti Community Schools through your donation. Donations via check can be sent to the YCSF at:
Ypsilanti Community Schools Foundation
PO Box 980453
Ypsilanti, MI 48198

YCSF Scholarships

Application closes on Monday, April 8, 2024 at 11:59 PM EST


  • Brave Women Alumni Scholarship
  • Community for All Award 
  • Dr. James and Vivian Hawkins Scholarship
  • McDonald Family Scholarship 
  • Pastor Victoria Swanson James Memorial Scholarship
  • Resilience Award
  • Trudy Adam’s Inspirational Student Scholarship 
  • William R. Shadford
  • Ypsilanti Community Impact Award
  • Ypsilanti Community Schools Foundation Award


2020 Scholarship Recipients

Brave Women
Gracious Phillips 

Forever Brave
Amaria Holmes 

Ofili Family
Janae Gonzalez 

Nykeya Vaughn

D'Marcus Jones

Jerzie Frasier 

Mareka Ray

Tamariah Davis 

Anasia Miller 


2019 Scholarship Recipients

Forever Brave -
Sandre'a Rougeau

Ofili Family-
Maria Patton

William R. Shadford-
Christian Knox
Nathan Yung
Oscar Miles Roberts

Jack Bauer-
Jasymn Storrs

Community for All -
Emerson Wilson
Kenneth Curtis 
Sasaki-Peter Akande

2018 scholarships

Remedios Montalbo and A. Michael Young/Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra Scholarship
-Jalen Allen
-Kayla Hurd
-Tahjai Rougeau

AAACF Community Scholarship (partially funded by the Mary Gillenwater Trust established for Ypsilanti HS students)
-Alexus Chambers
-Kaya Hurd
-Jasmine Mead
-Tahjai Rougeau
-Zachary West

Shadford Scholarship
-Eli Maurer

Forever Brave Scholarship (established by Dr. Tiffany Ofili)
-Kayla Hurd

Ofili Family Scholarship (established by Dr. Tiffany Ofili)
-Mikayla Lewis

Community for All Scholarship
-Jasmine Mead

Jack Bauer Memorial Scholarship
-Gregory Meadows

Sasaki Dental Scholarship
-Janaye Jones

2017 Scholarships



-Zakiyyah N. Rahman 
-Arianna D. Gray 
-Kokoly Lydie Dounamou
-Sakinah Rahman 
-Mohamed Fofana 
-Soroush Chabavi
-Felicia Hughes 
-Amari Jenson 
-Rayannah Nicole Nelson
-Racheal Shiver 
-Merritt Page Brewer 
-Leandro Mejia
-Kevin Becerra 
-Jordan Blanks 
-Jamezell Davis
-Sawyer Sylvester 
-Aaliyah Larkin-Jackson 
-Deja Ulmer
-Kau Boayue

-Aaliyah Larkin-Jackson 
-Jamezell Davis
-Deja Ulmer
-Soroush Chabavi
TIFFANY OFILI PORTER SCHOLARSHIP (established by Dr. Tiffany Ofili)
-Felicia Hughes
FOREVER BRAVES SCHOLARSHIP (established by Dr. Tiffany Ofili) 
-Rachael Shriver

2016 Scholarship Recipients:

Gillenwater Scholarships

Jama Ahmed
Chelsea Hollins
Onica Armstrong
Diana Bernal Canseco
Cierra Broach
Alaya Hicks
Daishayana Jackson
Keitra Osler
My Pham
Daschelle Williams
Ray'Jon Williams-Jackson
Robert Logan
Robyn Cook
Shanelle Hill
Martina Villalobos
Grace Carey

Shadford Scholarships:

Grace Carey
Ray'Jon Williams-Jackson


Ofili Scholarship

Keitra Olser


Forever Brave Scholarship

Chelsea Hollins


Robert Green Scholarship

Taleea Brown    


Sasaki Scholarship

Diana Bernal-Canseco


Whole Foods Scholarship

Cierra Broach    


Kubiske Scholarship

Georgio Mack  

2015 Scholarship Recipients:

Carli Augustine-Kubiske, Schoolcraft College

Destiny Caddell-Prince, Gillenwater, Alabama State University

Michael Carthage, Gillenwater, Trinity Christian College

Lonique Clinkscales, Sasaki Dental, Eastern Michigan University

Sha-Tara Coleman, Gillenwater, Western Michigan University

Lynnelle Crutcher, Gillenwater, Western Michigan University

Shannon Egbert, Gillenwater, Eastern Michigan University

Markie Gentry, Gillenwater, Eastern Michigan University

Karina Haas, Gillenwater, Eastern Michigan University

Talizejah Harris, Gillenwater, Washtenaw Community College

Jasmine Henderson, Gillenwater, Western Michigan University

Nautica Jackson, Gillenwater, University of Michigan-Flint

Jalexis Jones, Gillenwater, Washtenaw Community College

Sean Katon, Gillenwater, University of Michigan

Nayan Khanna, Gillenwater & Ofili Family, Central Michigan University

David Lambert, Gillenwater & Forever Brave, Bowling Green State University 

Mwai Leonard, Gillenwater, University of Toledo

Morgan Listeman, Gillenwater, Washtenaw Community College

Tiffany Mitchell, Gillenwater, Central Michigan University

Tany Ortez, Gillenwater & Beaudette, Eastern Michigan University

Austen Simpson, Gillenwater, Washtenaw Community College

Tiaira Smith, Gillenwater & Shadford, University of Toledo

Treyvon Smith, Roberson, Tiffin University

Sean Timbs, Gillenwater & Shadford, University of Michigan