The Ypsilanti Community Schools Foundation works to fulfill its mission of advancing the promise of success for all students through the generation and distribution of resources to be used to enrich teaching, inspire learning, promote excellence in education, and reward dedication to these tenets through grants and scholarships. The mini-grants serve to recognize faculty for exemplary and innovative teaching.

You can help us continue this mission by donating funds to the mini-grant program. Donations via check can be sent to the YCSF at:
Ypsilanti Community Schools Foundation
PO Box 980453
Ypsilanti, MI 48198

2018-2019 RECIPIENTS:

Chip Bennett
Collective Scientific Learning Opportunities
Jill Boatright Exploring Water With Young Fives (Science)
Katherine Dudzik Facilitating Collaborative STEM Learning Opportunities in Early Childhood
Mary Dunn- District Nurses Primary Learning Closet
Sandra Emrick  Honoring the National Honor Society
Karen Findling Fun on the Farm Field Trip
Kathy Fisk

Public Education Trip Art in Washington DC

Courtney Geil STEM Items for Playground
Amina Hassan Isn't Discovery Fun? Science
Kelly Hutcheon

(PQA) Program Quality Assessment Tool - Enhance Room Environment

Kier Ingrham Grizzly AIIM Program (Math)
Rhoshawa Miller A Blast Into the Past (History)
Shirley Penn - Ford SSS Group Know Your Ford (Learning Gardening)
Shelby Radziewiz Flexible Seating - Wobble Seats
Barbara Sartorius Champions of Change YIES Walk-A-Thon
Mary Slawski Tool Box - Special Needs Students
Sherry Spinelli

Purposeful PLay Learning Materials

Jason Stidham

Organizing for Food Gatherers - Real World Application

Britney Winn

YCHS Stage Performance at EMU

Michelle Worsham Fun Run for Special Needs Students

Link to 208-19 Mini-Grant Photos

2017-2018 RECIPIENTS:

Amy Downer Guided Reading Books for Kids
Coral Lawhead  Todd Olford The Holocaust Museum Field Trip
Crystal Harding YCHS Choir-Spring Tour 2018
Dan Schunck STEMM Challenge Solar Car Design Kits
Gertjan Vriend The US & the Arab World: An Integration of Diverse Cultures
Joslyn Hunscher-Young Learning from History to Create the Future
Kat Dudzik Empowering Early Childhood Scientist with Inquiry-Based Investigations
Kathleen Miller  YCS Instructional Coaches Middle School Family Literacy Program
Keisha Dukes Building a classroom
Margarita Bish-Merchan Senor~ Wooly
Mary Dunn The Primary Learning Clothes Closet
Michelle Worsham Fun Run Field Trip
Natasha Van Slambrouck Leslie Science Center Visit
Paula Sizemore  Cheyenne Taylor STEMM Carnival
Quanisha Mendenhall Extending Learning Through Physical Experience
Rhonda Nieland Ann Arbor Hands on Museum Exploration Trip
Rhoshawda Miller LEGO Education


2015-2016 RECIPIENTS:

Mary Dunn, Elementary-"Primary Learning Clothes Closet"

Angela Enck, New Tech-"New Tech Community Garden"

Claire Miller, WIMA-"Musical Winds from North Africa to Andalucia"

Rhoshawda Miller, Perry ELC-"Increasing Vocabulary Through Project-Based Learning" 

Gertjan Vriend and Joslyn Hunscher-Young, WIMA-"The United States and the Arab World: An Integration of Diverse Cultures" 

2014-2015 RECIPIENTS:

Kier Ingraham, YCMS-"Grow Your Brain Campaign Eliminating the Math Deficit"

Brian Skogheim, YCHS-STEMM-"Balsa Wood Gliders & Launcher"

Katherine Fisk, New Tech-"Empty Bowls Project"

Mary Ann Chozeyk, Perry ELC-"Primary Learning Clothes Closet"