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Measles Advisory from Washtenaw County Health Department

A Message from the Washtenaw County Health Department:

A record number of measles cases are confirmed in neighboring counties (30 as of 4/1/19).  Washtenaw County Health Department urges everyone to protect themselves and their families. Measles is highly contagious but vaccine-preventable. There are no measles cases confirmed in Washtenaw as of 4/1/19.

If you do not have a record of two measles (MMR) vaccines, or if you are unsure if you have been vaccinated or have had measles in the past, contact your healthcare provider about getting vaccinated. You can also call the Health Department at 734-544-6700.

For more information, visit or 

The Washtenaw County Health Department Fact Sheet on Measles is available at

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YCHS Information, Tardy Policy

We work every day to make sure that YCHS is safe, orderly, and disciplined. Our students and family supports play a vital role in that process. Below, I have listed a few reminders of our daily policies, procedures, and routines. I have also attached our new Tardy Policy that will be enforced starting Monday, March 4. The policy will be explained to students during advisory time on both Thursday, February 28 and Friday, March 1 this week.

Please review this information with your scholar. 

Daily Policies, Procedures, and Routines at YCHS:

1.) We are a closed campus. Unless a parent or guardian signs a student out, the student cannot leave school for any reason from 8:15am-3:15 pm. If students leave, they cannot return to school for the remainder of that day. They will be marked absent in PowerSchool and as a result, parents/guardians will get a notification. 

2.) Students cannot have food delivered to YCHS during the 8:15am-3:15 pm hours. Parents/Guardians may bring food to their scholar. Parents/Guardians sign in at the front door and report to the main office for that. 

3.) No hats and/or hoodies are to be worn in the building from 8:15am-3:15 pm. When students wear them, we have a very difficult time identifying the individual(s). This is for safety and order. We have to know who is in the building at all times. 

4.) Students are not to be in the halls within the first 15 minutes and/or last 15 minutes of any class period. No hall passes will be given during this time.

5.) No hall passes are given to students during our lunch times. Students are to be in class and/or in the cafeteria at lunch. They can use the restroom during their lunchtime. 

6.) Getting to class: students are to follow the transition times for getting to class and are expected to get to class on time. This limits incidents in the halls and disruptions for starting class. This also helps to reduce students skipping and going to areas of the building where they should not be. I have attached the new Tardy Policy to this email.

Thank you for your continued support.
Go Grizzlies!!  

YCHS Tardy Policy (students:parents).pdf


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