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Going Merry called "College Scholarships,” which estimates the grant aid that certain colleges would provide. One of our first partner colleges is the University of Virginia, which is committed to meet students’ full financial need, for both in-state and out-of-state students alike. Of course, such institutional aid would be in addition to whatever funds students win from independent scholarships on Going Merry. 

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Introducing: College Scholarships

College Scholarships

What is it? 

The new “College Scholarships” section of Going Merry lists the need- and merit-based aid offered by different universities. This way, students can estimate what scholarships they'll get from colleges.

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Credit Union ONE

Credit Union ONE has scholarships for graduating high school seniors and we would like to receive applications from your students if they are eligible (or can become eligible in time) for our scholarships.

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NITRO Scholarships and Resources

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BAM Scholarships

This year, BAM will award two US$5,000 scholarships to outstanding high school seniors who are interested in pursuing careers in technology. The scholarships are renewable – winners who continue to meet the criteria are eligible to receive an annual award of $5,000 for up to four (4) consecutive years for a potential total $20,000 scholarship. Up to 24 scholarship runners-up will be eligible for a one-time $2,500 BAM technology stipend based on need.

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Seniors entering into the field of education

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