As we approach the end of October and the end of the 1st Quarter, I want to thank you all for your commitment to YCHS over the 1st Quarter!! YCHS is all of our '2nd home' and our staff is our extended family and as in any family - relationships, communication, and collaboration takes work. We had a great 'Listen and Learn' session last week. Thank you all for your openness and honesty in that meeting. Your Admin and Building Network Teams will get to work right away on the initiatives that we discussed at that meeting. 


Few Things:

*Hall Pass Policy = go over this in each of your classes to start the 2nd Quarter 

-9 total hall passes per semester. Each teacher should have the students sign out and sign back in when they leave the classroom. The student signature sheet should have the time out and time in listed, along with the destination. 

-Due to that fact that we are starting this now, students will have 5 hall passes for the 2nd Quarter. 

-Students will get extra credit to be used in agreement with the teacher for each pass of the '9' not used each semester. 

-Students should be back in the classroom within 10 minutes of leaving OR they will be marked tardy upon their return.

-No hall passes during our lunch times. 

-No hall passes in the first 15 minutes and/or last 15 minutes of class.

*This Friday is the last day of the 1st Quarter. All Quarter 1 grades will be locked in at 9am on Tues, 11/5

*This Friday is November 1st 



The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each individual member is the team. ~~Phil Jackson

Unity is strength. When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. ~~Mattie Stepanek


The Week Ahead:

Mon - A Day

-HS Admin Team meeting, 10am

-HS Safety Team meeting, 2:15pm

-ELA Dept meeting, 3:30pm, YCHS Conference Room

-BoE meeting: HS presentation and ACTech Points of Pride, 6:30pm

Tues - B Day

-Central Office meeting, 9:30-11:30am

-YCHS Receptionist interviews, 11:45-3:30pm

-RAG meeting, 3:30pm

Wed - A Day

Thurs - B Day

-Girls Scouts meeting, 11am

Fri - B Day.  Student half day. Teachers record day

-Princ meeting, 8:30-10:00am, WISD

-Students from 8:20-11:45am

-YCHS Records Day, 12:30-3:35pm


Have a great week! 


Thank you

Cory J. Gildersleeve


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"Effective principals are leaders who are willing to build relationships, take risks, and are willing to redefine their roles."