High School Small Learning Communities

New Tech. Early College Alliance at Eastern Michigan University. Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics. The Arts. Washtenaw International High School.

These educational options and more will be available to YCS high school students. All involve obtaining college credits or career credentials before graduating. All entail rigor, a culture of accelerated achievement and empowerment. All include co-curriculars-athletics and after school enrichment programs-available to all students regardless of the small learning community they choose. All represent a untied student body that will serve as the forerunners for 21st century high school. It's unprecedented. It's impressive. It's your YCS high school.

Ypsilanti AC Tech

Location: YCS High School, 2095 Packard Rd.

At AC Tech High School, students experience both personal and individualized instruction based on the Arts, Humanities and Logistics. An interdisciplinary approach to learning will be emphasized, as students complete a rigorous program with variable instructional practices based on Michigan Merit Curriculum and common Core State Standards. Credit will be granted and achievement will be communicated based on mastery of standards and skills. Instruction will take place in the classroom, in educational workshops, and through self-designed research and development. Students, staff, and community partnerships will create and enriching, challenging, and thought provoking learning environment that will prepare and expose students to a collegiate experience.

Ypsilanti STEMM Middle College  

Location: YCS High School, 2095 Packard Rd. 

The STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Manufacturing) Academy will offer a rigorous, relevant and technologically advanced learning experience for all students. Businesses, community partnerships, and STEMM-based electives will be used to create and incorporate real-world experiences in the learning process. Inquiry and project-based instructional best practices will be implemented to ensure all students accomplish their goals. In order to create a meaningful educational experience, we will establish a system of shared responsibilities and collaboration, supported by the trust and respect of students, staff, and the community. The culminating learning experience for STEMM Academy will be a Senior Capstone project.

Ypsilanti New Tech High School

Location: YCS High School, 2095 Packard Rd.  

New Tech High Schools are based on building a culture of trust, respect, and responsibility. Curriculum and instruction will utilize technology to facilitate project-based learning, for students to gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life, college, and the 21st-century workforce. At Ypsilanti New Tech, education and community are connected through innovative, relevant projects. New Tech students gain experience working individually and collaboratively, mirroring real world expectations. Students will earn college or career credentials as a requirement of graduation and will complete internships in their anticipated career paths.

Ypsilanti A.C.C.E. Program

Location: George School, 1076 Ecorse Rd.

Teaching methods incorporated in this program are designed to reach and support students in a flexible learning environment. ACCE utilizes community partnerships, personalized instruction, online learning, and a hands-on approach to finding academic solutions.

Enrollment in this program is by referral only and is not an option that students can choose during the course selection process

Early College Alliance

The Board of Education voted to continue participation in the  ECA@EMU program when Willow Run and Ypsilanti are unified as Ypsilanti Community Schools. Recently, members of the community have raised questions regarding the number of ECA program slots available to Ypsilanti and Willow Run students compared with prior years.  The document below outlines the process that was agreed to by the Joint Steering Committee that governs decisions related to the ECA program.

ECA 2013 Slot Allocation and Enrollment Summary

Washtenaw International High School

Similar to the action taken for the ECA@EMU, the Board of Education voted to continue participation in the Washtenaw International High School International Baccalaureate program, located in Ypsilanti. The program shares a building with YCS’ Washtenaw International Middle Academy. For more information visit their web site: www.wihi.org.


Career Technical Education

Ypsilanti Community Schools is offering a variety of educational programs designed to give students a jump start on college and careers. The link provides the classes that will be offered during the 2013-14 school years. The high school counselor will assist students with enrolling in these dynamic programs.

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