Dear educators,

We are so excited to bring you the NEH-sponsored exhibit For All the World To See: Visual Culture and the Struggle for Civil Rights. While we regret not having the chance to show you this exhibit in person, its relevance to society’s struggles today pressed us to find a new way to work around the limitations that COVID has brought us. We hope that this virtual tour (accessible in the sidebar) will be a meaningful way to explore the themes of visual culture, social justice, and America’s progress (and historical lack of it) in achieving Civil Rights.

View the virtual exhibit at .

While we have been tasked with changing how we bring and share information with you, our goal remains the same … to not only expose our community to new and enriching learning opportunities but to affect positive change as a result of them. Toward that end, we have designed ten learning activities for various ages and learning styles. We hope you and your students will take advantage of these activities. Exhibit packets with printed activities are available by email to our Assistant Director, Julianne Smith, at

We hope to assemble a Ypsilanti “scrapbook” of your projects and writings that reflect a community dialogue around these themes and how we see them, see each other, and see a shared future. This scrapbook is intended to be on display online and in our buildings.

We hope you enjoy the exhibit!

Mary Garboden

Head of Outreach Services

ph: (734) 879-1316