Wow! Just like that we're basically a quarter of the way done with the year.  Friday's staff appreciation lead by Powell and Tillerson was a great reminder of the connections it takes to shoulder our collective responsibility to care for our kids and provide the best opportunity for them to grow.  Without each other the job would be continuously lonely and overwhelming.  Thank you all for napping, laughing and the gratitude shared.  


More ACCE Awesomeness:

staff giving insight and suggestions based off roles and expertise

staff filling in for missing pieces either long term our piecemeal 

staff successfully completing first field trip ever! (Senorita) 

staff joining in on the field trip

staff doing the best they can to continuously reset either by hour our day

staff continuing to learn and bring that learning to the classroom

staff filling up the pantry and serving the families that come at all times of the day

staff completing state mandated stuff

staff doing transition IEP's 

staff getting weekly treats and snacks for staff and students


NO postcards this week.  We will start with second hour next week.  If, however, you are inspired by a student feel free to send a random one.  


Friday 1/2 day records, grades due 2:55 pm



contractual start time 7:45am

be in the hall building relationships during passing time


This week:

Monday - regular day observation 1st hour

Tuesday - admin meetings, staff meeting

Wednesday - regular day

Thursday - regular day

Friday - county principal meeting 


Let's have a great week!


J. Royce