Good evening and/or good morning!  

We're into week three and down to 15 weeks.  Crazy that we'll be almost to the halfway point of the quarter next week.  I appreciated the wins mentioned in Friday's circle.  It's difficult to remember and recognize the great work we do when we're constantly resetting and navigating secondary trauma.  Remember, when needed, take a day.  Coordinate with each other so not all out on the same day!  I'm happy to provide you the space you need to take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

Last week's ACCE adult awesomeness:  

  • staff supporting Fisher as he continues to get his feet under him
  • staff flexibility as student schedules change
  • staff enrolling and communicating new students
  • staff covering for each other for class and pantry coverage
  • staff reaching out to community support with multiple attempts to get student services
  • staff doing the difficult work of restorative practices
  • staff engaging students with lessons
  • staff keeping grades up to date 
  • staff sharing process and system concerns
  • staff stepping into discussions around race and equity
  • staff doing the reflective work necessary when discussing race and equity 
  • staff coming in on off days to prep for NAAPID breakfast
  • staff bringing in guest speakers
  • staff taking students off site 
  • staff prepping multiple data sets so I can do my job

I appreciate the hard work you all do for continued professional and personal growth.  



Postcards week three

Daily Debriefs 3:10 - 3:22

NAAPID Breakfast 8:00-9:00 students and parents, classes begin with second hour.  

1/2 day Friday with District PD



This week:

Monday regular day with NAAPID breakfast pm meeting ADMIN for testing coordinators Dolan and I will be out for approximately 90 minutes. 

Tuesday admin meetings 

Wednesday regular day (guest speaker) pm

Thursday regular day BN meeting

Friday 1/2 day


Let's have a good week!

J. Royce