Hopefully everyone had as much love this weekend as Ms. Jones!  As we wind down and wrap up February and head into spring don't forget to reflect on all that we've overcome, done well and looked to improve on.  


Last week's ACCE adult awesomeness:

  • staff repeatedly covering for each other with newbies jumping right into the flow
  • staff taking care of personal business at home and professional business professionally
  • staff creating safe spaces for students to use 
  • staff letting me know what students may be interested in so I can get more of it/them
  • staff taking students to mental health appointments
  • staff creating strong enough relationships for students to trust them with their worries
  • staff shooting the lights out in the 3 point contest putting an asswhoping on students
  • staff covering coming home dance
  • staff enrolling students
  • staff helping more students graduate early 


we are week five/5th hour for postcards, support staff should be writing a minimum of two. 

daily debriefs at 3:10

We are working on deescalating students as they get elevated which often means walking away and letting another adult pick up the baton.  It also means we should take breaks as needed.  If students push our buttons put the call out on the text for a support staff to come in and give you a breather.  


This week:

Monday regular day

Tuesday admin meetings

Wednesday AM Court Involved Youth Visit

Thursday regular day

Friday 1/2 day 


let's have a productive week!

J. Royce