instruction for some students and staff. As we work
together to educate our students, we are nearing the next phase in our return to school plan. As you are
already aware, some students will be returning to face to face instruction on Monday, January 25th. We also have remote staff returning to buildings on Monday, February 15th with a projected phase in return of remote students to face to face instruction starting on March 1st. 

As a part of planning and working together for a successful return to school, the YCS Facilities Department is scheduling time on your building staff meeting agenda to share and collaborate. Your building administrator will communicate this opportunity soon. Please be prepared to ask questions, seek clarity and place your wonderings out to the group. 

Our department would like to express our appreciation to all teaching and support staff and the work you continue to do to educate our students in these uncertain times. Your commitment to our community is felt, recognized and appreciated!’

Aaron Rose  —  Director of District Operations