JUNE 3, 2020

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Reminder: Student Data for P-EBT

CEPI will provide another set of student data to DHHS for the purposes of mailing pandemic EBT cards after Friday, June 12. Please ensure that any updates related to the following fields are certified in the SRM Collection or Early Childhood EOP Collection (whichever is applicable) no later than June 12:

  • Address
  • SNE (free or reduced) status
  • Homeless/Unaccompanied Youth


EOY Mid-Collection Data Quality Analysis

June 14: EOY 2020 General Collection Data Quality Analysis. If you wish to have your data reviewed, please submit by 11:59 p.m. EDT.

Removal of 2018-19 Data in MSDS

CEPI will remove all 2018-19 school year data from the staging area during EOY 2020 closeout processingIf you wish to retain any data from the 18-19 school year, be sure to download and save your collections and reports by June 30. After this date, users will no longer have access to staging areas or certified reports for that school year.

SID Collection Resource Reminder

The 2020 SID Collection is open, with finalized data due to CEPI on June 30. Helpful resources for completing your submission are available on the SID web page.

Please note, SID recently migrated to MILogin for user access. To ensure you are able to complete the required reporting, it is important that you check your access. If you do not have access, refer to the MILogin migration announcement.

REP Resource Reminder

The EOY 2020 REP Collection is open, with certified data due to CEPI on June 30. The REP web page has many helpful resources to assist in completing the submission.

Important information was shared in the May 14 CEPI Announcements regarding Executive Order 2020-65, and the impact on the EOY REP submission.

Days and Clock Hours Now Open

The Days and Clock Hours Collection is open in the EEM for the 2019-20 school year. Reporting instructional days and hours is mandated by state law and must be completed by all districts no later than July 15.

ISD users have until Aug. 1 to review and certify the report. We encourage district users to complete their submission as soon as possible after the school year ends, so corrections can be submitted as identified by the ISD.

If you have questions on whether you have met the minimum days, hours and attendance requirements with the additional forgiven time granted by Executive Order 2020-65, contact your ISD auditor. Resources, including a calculator that can be used to determine total days of instruction, have been shared with ISDs.

For application questions, refer to the D/CH User Guide. Questions regarding the State School Aid Act or additional forgiveness days, should be directed to Jessica Beagle at BeagleJ1@michigan.gov.

MI School Data News

User Migration: Action Needed by June 30

MI School Data secure users have until June 30 to create a Third Party MILogin account to ensure continued access to secure data. See the May 20 CEPI Announcements for more information.

Please refer to the MILogin/MI School Data Instructions for information on how to set up your MILogin account now to ensure continued access to your data.

MI School Data Updates

The following reports have been updated on MI School Data:

  • School contact information has been updated on multiple reports, including the Parent Dashboard.
  • The At Risk Student report and new School-Level Expenditure Report will be released in preview today and will be publicly available within two weeks.

See details of these updates and upcoming reports on the MI School Data News and Updates page.

Words to Know

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