Sharpen the Saw: “When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.” Benjamin Franklin


Monday 11/25 Tuesday 11/26 Wednesday 11/27 Thursday 11/28 Friday 11/29

Mickel OUT

No Fitzgerald

8:00 - 10:00 

10:30 - 11:15

Mickel OUT

No Fitzgerald

8:00 - 10:00 

10:30 - 11:15

No School

No School

Thanksgiving Day

No School


Dates to Remember

November 27th - November 29th - No School (all) Thanksgiving

Dec. 3rd - AZR’s Listen & Learn @Erickson @2:45pm,

                  Parent Leadership Team Meeting @ 5:30pm

Dec. 9th - Micki Berg starts as Acting Principal

Dec. 23rd - Jan. 3rd - No School (all) Winter Break


Staff Meeting/PD Focus: CLC Presentations *End by 3:25 for 3:45 book study @ Perry

Synergy Squads *Rescheduled for THIS Tuesday 11/26*

Attendance… Still Counting

  • Due in Powerschool by 9:30 am and 12:30 pm *Be sure to click SUBMIT each time

  • Keep following the additional count submission routine until you hear otherwise.

Safe Space Material Order - Here is the Erickson Safe-Place Protocol 

  • Jody sent out the Unite Safe Space Wishlist for each classroom. Be sure your  wish list for your classroom Safe Space is complete or you may miss out on the order! If there are particular items, please include a link to where it can be found. If it is not specific, just write what you would like, ie. bean bag.

  • Of course we can't guarantee you'll get everything on your wishlist so bold, highlight, *note an absolute NEED vs wants. We'll get back in touch with you before ordering items.

HMH Pacing Info (as reviewed at grade level collaborative routine time)

  • HMH pacing adjusted and district requirements for Module Assessments clarified

  • Weekly Assessments

    • Can be used as teaching tools to help students with test taking strategies (whole group, small group, on paper etc.) but students must complete the end of module assessment on their own.

    • Beginning with Module 3, all odd numbered module assessments must be done online, and the scores will go into illuminate.  Solomon is in the process of getting the system set up. Here is the link to the assessment calendar. 

  • Module 3 (including the Module Assessment) must be completed by December 20th. (Paper pencil is not an option)

    • Teachers may NOT read the module assessment passages to the students.  Students must engage in the productive struggle of taking this test. (except 1st grade)

    • Grades K-2 can use paper and pencil for the written portion of the module assessments

    • Grades 3-5 must complete the written portion of the Module assessments using the computer.  Drafting on paper is fine, but the final written portion must be online.

  • If you are ahead of the pacing guide, you may move ahead to the next module, use the extra days in December for small group work, imagine literacy, independent reading, reteaching areas of concern from previous units, focusing on writing or anything ELA related that will support your students.

IRIP Next Steps

  • All competed/signed IRIPS can be given to Leslie for scanning into CA60s

  • If you still have not met with a parent regarding the IRIP, consider a phone conference and sending it home for a signature. TIP: incentives (sticker, lunch w/ teacher, pencil, etc….) get kids to bring things back.Be sure to not send your only copy in the event it does not get returned. 

AdvancED Staff Survey

  • Please take the STAFF SURVEY as soon as possible. 

  • This is a requirement for school improvement purposes. Please complete ASAP

Facilities Update: Room/Building Temperatures

  • It is the goal of the facilities team to provide safe, healthy and comfortable learning environments for our students and staff. The set point for temperature in our learning environments is 72 degrees. We know that our system needs attention and we are currently in the process of releasing a request for proposal for the work that will be doing to improve our HVAC system. 

  • If you feel that temperatures are not within this desired range, and your learning environment is not healthy and/or comfortable, please let us know by submitting a work order. *However, please know that we will not increase or decrease the set point of 72 degrees. 

  • Your understanding and patience is appreciated as facilities works to improve systems district wide. 

Diverse Lending Library at WISD

  • In a collaboration with SOEL and IDLL teachers Rhoshawda Miller of YCS, Kristi Schaffer of WIHI, Candice Huddleston of WLHS, Dr. Laura Jimenez of Boston University and Dr. Shayla Griffin, our Diverse Lending Library in memory of Caroline Jacob is now ready for release to Washtenaw County educators. 

  • The purpose of the library is to support Washtenaw County educators and students in an equitable, inclusive education. We are offering this lending library of PreK-12 culturally relevant books so that students may see themselves in texts and see others that represent our global society.

  • We Believe: 

����Access to diverse books will work to interrupt bias and prejudice in our classrooms;

����Students should see themselves, their loved ones, their peers, their languages and their celebrations represented in the books they are learning to read;

����When students see themselves in their learning materials, they gain a sense of ownership and accountability to their classrooms, their school system, their community, and the world;

����Literature provides the perfect opportunity for students to learn new terms, ideas, cultures and languages. When students can make personal connections to the literature, they are more engaged, inquisitive, intrigued and vested in their learning; 

����Libraries can and should play a crucial role in empowering diverse populations for full participation. 

Fun Day Friday - Parents Night Out 

  • This past Friday, Mosaic Church, with the help of Jody O’Bryan sponsored a successful evening out for parents where children came back to school for fun and games while their parents enjoyed a night off from 6:00 - 8:30.

  • 30 students came back and some parents stayed too! Parents shared their gratefulness for opportunities such as these for their children. Thank you Jody, Mosaic and Julie for supporting this event!

Bountiful Baskets Distribution

  • This event is sponsored by the Ypsilanti Area Jaycees. Thanksgiving meals are provided to families in our community for pick up at Erickson, or delivery. Many Erickson families received meals and over 200 in our community did thanks to this effort!

  • Thank you to Yasmine Lennon, Melanie Harner and Todd Gilbert for helping out and making it a successful event!

Erickson Grizzly Robotics Competition

  • Mrs. Bowers and the team attended an ALL DAY competition yesterday at Global Tech Academy. Every YCS elementary had a team and participated. There was a great learning and sportsmanship demonstrated! Definitely a proud principal moment ����

  • Our team only started a short 6 weeks ago and in that time, they have learned and accomplished so much!

  • Mrs. Bowers even won the coach/mentor award ����Way to go Coach Bowers! 

MUKD Basketball & Cheerleading: Game and Practice Schedule HERE

Lifelong Learning

Mickel OUT

  • As many of you saw it coming, as of my Dr. appointment after school on Friday 11/22, I have been put on ‘Restrictive Duty’ - Office Related Duties ONLY, effective immediately. *Baby Cletus is still scheduled to come on December 9th but I am unable to perform my regular duties as I have been. I will be working out of Central Office through December 6th. I will still be in tomorrow morning to to attend to office related items and participate in some already scheduled meetings and I plan to be there Tuesday after school for staff meeting. 

  • If we had an observation scheduled - I will be in touch to discuss.

  • Thank you to Allison, Kayla and Rachel for stepping up to help Debbie with daily response to student needs. During this time, I will be available by phone to talk through anything that is needed. Micki Berg will begin as Acting Principal on December 9th through February 14th. See the coverage schedule below. *Building subs will cover their classrooms.

    • Mon 11/25 - Rachel Weyhing

    • Tue 11/26 -  Allison Crowely

    • Mon 12/2 - Rachel Weying

    • Tue 12/3 - Allison Crowley

    • Wed 12/4 - Allison Crowley

    • Thu 12/5 - Kayla Dillon

    • Fri 12/6 - Kayla Dillon 


A note:

Although my originally scheduled plan has now changed, I know that I need to put mine and baby’s health and wellness first. I am so thankful for each and every one of you, your ongoing support of me and all that you to for our students and each other. Please make time over this 5 day break to take care of yourself and focus on you and your own well being. This is a stressful time of the year, for so many, and in so many different ways. Investing in yourself will allow you to handle all of the hubbub of the holiday season, setting yourself up for a great start to the upcoming new year. 


Remember, so many of our students do not look forward to the holidays and breaks from school. Their behavior is communicating this to us and they need as much love and support as we can provide. I know that this is a difficult task! 


Again, please remember that although I won’t be in the building (much) the next 7 school days, I will be available to you by phone, text and email. I will be spending my time catching up on entering data into powerschool and preparing Micki for a smooth transition in covering for my leave. This ‘change of plans’ has been hard for me because I want to be there to support all of you and our students BUT, as I continue to remind myself, the Erickson family is awesome and always does whatever it takes…. For that I am so grateful!!


Here’s to a wonderful week (and a much needed 5 day weekend)! 



Erickson Grizzly Robotics…