Read by Grade Three Bulletin


In response to the temporary suspension of in-person learning and Executive Order 2020-35 (COVID-19) the Michigan Department of Education has established a link to a new document, Supporting Summer Learning: Pandemic or Not (May 2020) that includes guidance and resources to support K-12 students in such literacy realms as transitioning to summer learning, and accessing literacy enrichment activities in order to continue to build upon skills that will aid in literacy development, in accordance with the Read by Grade Three law. As a reminder, the only portion of the Read by Grade Three law that has been temporarily suspended is the retention portion (Section 5(d)). All other components of the law are being upheld.  

To further support literacy learning and to limit summer learning loss, a Remote Learning Resources tab has been added to the website. The Early Literacy Task Force has compiled resources to aid in learning at a distance. The resources include guidance videos on conducting small group literacy lessons from a distance; Remote Learning Resources and Videos with Dr. Nell Duke. A guide titled Summer Reading Engagement: High Impact/Low Effort Solutions Already Being Used Across Michigan is also available.