This is especially important to let your building administrators know that your grades are finalized and ready to be printed. Please make sure to do this for each section. This applies to all grade levels.


On the NWEA front, it has become clear that the more we spend time with the data, the more clear that each student needs to be reviewed when examining their NWEA scores. It is highly recommended to start at the Class Level and then dig deeper by using the Student Profile report. In addition here are two NWEA external resources: a NWEA goal setting webpage for mapping out realistic growth expectations and additional virtual seminars (at $19 a person) hosted by NWEA. For older students, don't forget there's also the college planning tool as well.

A quick platforms update: all systems seem to be green and running smoothly! Thank you everyone for your patience during our initial rocky start! Some of you may have noticed that in TeachPoint you had to do an "extra click" in order to see your My Activities, but that is now fixed and TeachPoint should load you directly to your My Activities tab now! There have been many requests for staff to enter in external DPPD/PD hours into TeachPoint and that is being discussed for rollout. Currently most vendors will offer you the option of having your SCECHs uploaded directly to MOECS and we encourage everyone to take advantage of those options for now. An update will definitely be sent out if/when the self reporting feature is available!


Finally, if you need any help with your students' data or the tools that we have available right now (such as Clever, Seesaw, etc) please feel free to contact me or schedule a meeting by clicking here.


Solomon Zheng

Data Coach