Middle School Sports

All student athletes must have current physicals on file to participate in sports. Sports physicals can be scheduled at the RAHS clinic. Contact RAHS at 734-221-2271 for more info.


Middle School Athletics Summer Conditioning Sports Physicals

In order to participate in Fall Sports for the Ypsilanti Community Middle School Grizzlies, student athletes must have a current sports physical that was completed on or after April 15, 2023 Physicals can be done by a family doctor or free of charge to all students at the University of Michigan Regional Alliance for Healthy Students Clinic or R.A.H.S. Clinic. There are two University of Michigan R.A.H.S. Clinics located at Ypsilanti Community High School and Ypsilanti Community Middle School. To make an appointment at the R.A.H.S. Clinics call the numbers below for an appointment.

Y.C.M.S. R.A.H.S. - 734-221- 2271 Y.C.H.S. R.A.H.S. - 734-221-1007

For all Grizzlies Athletics information, schedules, cancelations, additions, go to: Websites - ycschools.us - click Athletics or ypsigrizzlies.com

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Ypsilanti Middle School Athletic Director - Dwayne Scott - dscott8@ycschools.us - 313-549-5885

For more information on YCS Athletics or to purchase tickets, please visit the YCS Athletics page or  Ypsi Grizzlies Athletics page.


Middle School Football Practice
Monday thru Friday
East Campus @ Emerick St. football field
2:45-pm-4:45 pm
For more info Coach Mark Stines @734-657-2423
Coach Denson @ ddenson@ycschools.us/734-799-7870

Middle School Volleyball Practice
Monday thru Friday
Middle School Gym
2:45-pm-4:45 pm
For more info Coach Ron Ware @ rayshawn2121@gmail.com /616-323-7437

Middle School Cross Country Practice
Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday
Shadford Field Track High School
2:45-pm-4:45 pm
Contact Coach Coach Bill Alt 734-476-1395/williamjalt@gmail.com