Middle School Sports

All student athletes must have current physicals on file to participate in sports. Sports physicals can be scheduled at the RAHS clinic. Contact RAHS at 734-221-2271 for more info.


Grizzlies Middle School  Sports Information and Schedules

Middle School Sports are open to 7th and 8th Grade Y.C.M.S. and W.I.M.A. Students. Currently we are fielding one combined team for each sport. If there are sufficient numbers we will sponsor a 7th and 8th grade team for the sport of choice. All 6th Graders are able to participate on teams in practices; 6th Grade students may participate in games or meets if there are not enough players to fill the teams with 7th and 8th Graders. 

In order to begin any practice activity and participate in any Y.C.S. Middle School Sports; Team, student athletes must have a current sports physical that was completed on or after April 15  2022. Students must pass at least 50% of their 2022-2023 1st semester classes in order to be academically eligible to participate in winter sports. Travel card progress reports will be issued to all potential winter sport athletes. Voluntary Pre-Season Skills and Conditioning may occur prior to the first official day of practice. Voluntary Pre-Season activities can be confirmed by contacting the coach of the sport. Information about all fall sports offered and Coaches contact information is below.

For more information on YCS Athletics or to purchase tickets, please visit the YCS Athletics page or  Ypsi Grizzlies Athletics page.



FOOTBALL: Coach Brandon    SBrandon8@ycschools.us
     Practice Monday-Thursday 2:45-6:00

CHEER: Coach Shajuan Hardy    shajuanh@med.umich.edu
     Tryouts 8/30,8/31, & 9/1 2:45-5:00

VOLLEYBALL: Coach Ron Ware    rayshawn2121@gmail.com or 616-323-7437
     Practice Monday-Friday 3:00-6:00

CROSS COUNTRY: Coach Sarah McKinley    Srushingmckinley@gmail.com
    Practice Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 3:30-5:00 @ Ypsi High trail behind soccer field

SOCCER: Coach Nick Suarez   nick.suarez@icloud.com or 734-244-3990
    Practice Monday-Friday @ Ypsi High soccer field





Monday-Thursday  2:450pm-6:00pm

Takes place at Ypsilanti Community Middle School Field, located at 510 Emerick.

Game Schedule

Tuesday 9/20//22  Bedford @ Ypsilanti 5:30pm

Tuesday 9/27/22 Chelsea @ Ypsilanti  5:30pm

Tuesday 10/4/22 Ypsilanti @ Monroe 5:30pm

Tuesday 10/11/22 Tecumseh @ Ypsilanti 5:30pm

Tuesday 10/18/22 Ypsilanti @ Saline 4:15pm

Tuesday 10/25/22 Ypsilanti  @ Adrian Springbrook                       4:15pm

Home games take place at Shadford Field, located at 2095 Packard Rd


For more information or questions, please contact Coach Brandon at sbrandon8@ycschools.us.






Begins 8/29/22

Monday -Friday 3:00-6:00 at Ypsilanti Community Middle School Gym

Game Schedule

Monday 9/19/22  Ypsilanti @ Saline                                     4:15pm/5:30pm

Wednesday 9/21/22 Lincoln @ Ypsilanti                               4:15pm/5:30pm

Saturday 9/24/22 Ypsilanti @ Lincoln Jamboree 7th grade   TBA

Monday 9/26/22  Ypsilanti @ Dexter                                    4:15pm/5:30pm

Wednesday 9/28/22 Jackson @ Ypsilanti                 4:15pm/5:30pm

Monday 10/3/22  Ypsilanti @ Chelsea                                 4:15pm/5:30pm

Wednesday 10/5/22 Monroe  @ Ypsilanti                                        4:15pm/5:30pm

Wednesday 10/10/22 Bedford @ Ypsilanti 4:15pm/5:30pm

Wednesday 10/12/22 Ypsilanti  @ Dexter 4:15pm/5:30pm

Saturday  10/15/22 Ypsilanti @ Bedford Jamboree  8th grade TBA

Monday 10/17/22  Pinckney @ Ypsilanti 4:15pm/5:30pm

Wednesday 10/19/22 Lincoln   @ Ypsilanti 4:15pm/5:30pm

Monday 10/26/22 Ypsilanti  @ Saline 4:15pm/5:30pm


For more information or questions, please contact Coach Ron Ware at rayshawn2121@gmail.com or 616-323-7437.



Monday 9/19 2:35-5:30

Wednesday 9/21 2:35-5:00

Thursday 9/22 2:35-5:30

Wednesday 9/28 2:35-5:30

Thursday 9/29 2:35-5:30



For more information or questions, please contact Coach Shajuan Hardy at shajuanh@med.umich.edu.






Cross Country


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 3:30-5:00

Practice location- Ypsilanti High trail behind soccer field

Meet Schedule

Wednesday  9/21/22 MS SEC XC Jamboree @Pinckney                4:15pm

Saturday 9/24/22 MS XC Invitational @ Whitmore Lake                   TBA

Wednesday 10/5/22 MS SEC  XS Jamboree @ Tecumseh               4:15pm

Wednesday  10/1922  MS SEC XC Jamboree @ Saline                   4:15pm

For more information contact Coach Sarah McKinley at Srushingmckinley@gmail.com.






Thursday 9/8 & Friday 9/9 4:00-5:45 at YCMS with parent meeting to follow each day

Practice Monday-Friday

Practice location-Ypsilanti High School soccer field

Game Schedule

Tuesday      9/20/22                Fortis @ Ypsilanti                             5:00 pm

Tuesday      9/27/22          South Arbor @ Ypsilanti                         4:30 pm

Tuesday    10/18/22              Ypsilanti  @ South                              4:30 pm

Thursday  10/20/22               Ypsilanti @ Fortis                               5:00 pm 

For more information contact Coach Nick Suarez at nick.suarez@icloud.com or 734-244-3990.