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Choir10 Benefits of Music Education for Students

1. Language skills
Learning a musical instrument also improves how the brain understands human language, which can help students learn a second language.

2. Improved test scores
Studies have shown that students who are involved with a high-quality music education program in school perform better on tests than students who don’t engage in music.

3. Self-esteem
Music allows students to try something new and develop confidence as they master singing or playing an instrument.

4. Listening skills
Music involves listening to yourself and to the rest of the ensemble. Musicians need to hear tempos, dynamics, tuning, and harmonies. This helps auditory development in the brain.

5. Math skills
Reading music includes learning quarter, half, and whole notes, which are essentially fractions.

6. Making the brain work harder
Research shows that the brain of a musician works differently than a non-musician.

7. Relieving stress
We all know that listening to a favorite artist or song can lift a mood and relax us. The same goes for creating music. It gives kids a great release, allowing them to immerse themselves in something that’s fulfilling and calming.

8. Creativity
Music certainly nurtures kids’ creative side. This can have an impact on their futures.

9. Helping special needs children
Music can have a powerful impact on kids with special needs. It helps them find a way to communicate and open up, which they may struggle with otherwise.

10. Higher graduation rates
Schools with music programs have higher graduation rates.

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Why theater is important...

Theater is important to education for many reasons. Theater is a great way to learn about history, by making it come to life before our eyes. Students can also learn about other cultures by seeing their performance traditions. Theater teaches students how to express themselves more effectivley. It helps to develop the ability to communicate thoughts and feelings to each other. Theater also helps to develop creativity and to experience the magic of storytelling.

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