YIES is a Kindergarten through 5th grade free public school. 

2020-2021 Application and Admissions Process

The new student application is only for students, including new siblings, who are NOT currently enrolled at YIES. If your child currently attends YIES, DO NOT submit a new student application form. Your child’s 20-21 enrollment information was processed with the re-enrollment survey each family completed in February. 

Ypsilanti Community Schools are currently operating remotely in accordance to Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order #2020-35 closing schools for the remainder of the school year. If you have any questions, do not have access to a computer/WIFI, or need assistance completing the application, please contact 734-221-2402. Leave a detailed message, including your name and contact number, and a YIES staff will return your call from a remote location to support. 

YIES 20-21 K-5 Application: The admissions application opens May 5th, and closes on August 14th. Early application notification closes on June 5th. 

K-5 Application

YIES Admissions Process 2020-2021


Enrollment Priority

  1. Sibling Priority-Scholars whose siblings are currently enrolled at YIES, and has a confirmed placement for the requested school year, pending space availability.
  2. Resident Priority-Scholars who live within the boundaries of Ypsilanti Community Schools (a lottery will be held if necessary).
  3. YCS Employee Priority-Scholars whose legal guardian is currently employed by Ypsilanti Community Schools (a lottery will be held if necessary). 
  4. School of Choice (SOC)- Scholars who live outside of the boundaries of Ypsilanti Community Schools (a lottery will be held if necessary).

Lottery Process: If there are more applications submitted than enrollment slots available, a lottery will be processed for that grade level. Carefully read the YIES Admissions Process for important dates and events regarding the 20-21 enrollment and admissions process.

YIES structure for 2020-2021