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Ford ELC participates in Carton 2 Garden contest

Ford ELC students worked hard in the month of March, collecting milk cartons, designing a smoothie station, and planting seeds.  For the contest students had to come up with a way to recycle milk cartons and incorporate it in our garden.  Students decided to plant seeds for different fruits and veggies that we could use for smoothies, strawberries, spinach, carrots, mint and kale.  Students then created a smoothie station using milk cartons where we can serve smoothies from.

Its Tournament Time for YCHS Athletic Teams

The Grizzlies are in full playoff mode. The boys swim team completed their season on Saturday the 23rd by competing in the SEC Championships. The team made some strides this year in swimming and diving and are on their way to building a great program in years to come.

Technology Accessibility Features

Welcome to AT / UDL Tips and Tricks for Everyone!

With this Blog, I (with some help from the YCS Instructional Technology team) will be posting useful Tips and Tricks for our Staff and Students to use in the classroom and for assignments.  We will highlight Google Apps, Extensions and Add-Ons as well as useful websites and iPad apps.

Technology Information and Contact

The Technology department is responsible for keeping the network connections up and running and for repairing computers, cameras, sound systems and other hardware that breaks down. The department will also assist in the installation of approved software at the district and building levels.

Technology Support Personnel Email:

Technology Tips, Resources and More

On the technology tips and resource pages, you will find a growing list of resources to assist you with technology.

Directions for YCMS Auditorium Setup

If required: ■ Set up the portable screen with the polls. ■ Set up projector in the middle of the stage. ■ Adjust the settings on the projector to the screen. ■ Set up three mic stands and 3 cords (place in mic 26, 27, 28)

Formative Feedback with Mentimeter

Whether in the classroom or in the boardroom, there are lots of cool tools out there for formative feedback. But today, I'd like to highlight just one, Mentimeter.

Washtenaw County Health Department Alert

Washtenaw County Health Department urges everyone to protect themselves and their families. Measles is highly contagious but vaccine-preventable. There are no measles cases confirmed in Washtenaw as of 4/1/19.