826 Michigan

The wonderful people from 826 Michigan will be at Erickson on Tuesday May 9th 
This is a family event that will be held from 5:30pm to 7:00pm


Cooper's Fun Run

May 12, 2017

Cooper's Fun Run was started over 30 years ago by Nancy Cooper, it is  an event held to promote fitness and exercise to children and adults with special needs. This year, Mrs. Worsham's class, along with over 100 other students from YCS, will be among the thousands of individuals with special needs participating in the event.  The students will run either 3, 5, or 8 miles in order to earn either a ribbon or a trophy.  This annual event is a source of both pride and friendship for all involved.  

Rain Garden At Erickson

Erickson has joined several schools in Washtenaw County and became a member of both the Clean Streams and Waste Knot organizations. With the help of our community partners, the Washtenaw County Water Resource  Commissioners Office and a grant Erickson received from Wildflowers Association  Of Michigan, we are installing a Rain garden in May. The goal of this school wide project is to keep rain water out of our storm drains, by putting it back into the environment in a useful way.  

 We will be digging the garden on P.R.I.D.E day, Saturday, May 20, beginning at 9:00.  We will also be cleaning up the school grounds, weeding and planting in the existing gardens, and possibly painting. Please join us on Saturday to help us beautify our school!

Science Olympiad


Many students have been working hard at making mistakes! 

On Mondays students who are part of the following teams practice:

Pasta Bridges
Mystery Architecture
No Bones About It
Photon Phun
3rd grade- Areodynamics

On Wednesday's students who are part of the following teams practice:

Barge Building
Water Rockets
Gravity Racers
On Target
Circuit Wizardry 
2nd grade- Areodynamics

Be sure to come out and support our teams at the 15th Annual Washtenaw Elementary Science Olympiad Tournment on Saturday June 3rd at Pioneer High School


Any questions should be directed to Mrs. Thomas