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YCMS Recycling Team 2019-2020

Autumn Mullins - 7th Grader: “I joined the recycling team because I want our school to be clean and I know that the team needs more people.”


Skyler Gribble - 7th Grader: “ I joined recycling because I like helping the community.”


Jordyn Diaz -7th Grader: “ I like recycling because I want the Earth to be more green friendly.”


Jeremiah Anderson - 8th Grader: “ I like helping others and I get a chance to talk with my friends.”


Summer Leedy - 7th Grader: “ I love hanging out with my friends and helping out the school.”


Lamauria Gossing: - 7th Grader: “ I joined the recycling team to have fun and help out the school.”

The YMCS Recycling Team stop by on Tuesdays to empty the recycling bins school wide. 


Just a small reward for the YCMS Recycling Team on Friday - Pizza.

Great Job YCMS students!!!!