Honors Assembly - A Season of Celebration

Honors Celebration - A Season of Celebration


Season of Celebrating Our Success

All YCMS students participate in the career assessment Career Cruising, and when students can see themselves becoming, for example, a teacher they are motivated to perform better academically because they see the value in getting good grades. The Honor's Celebrations is another mechanism to encourage students to perform better academically, and students have multiple opportunities to achieve Honor roll status since the Honor students are recognized every quarter of the school year. 

Celebrations of learning are more than a display of student work and more than a party at the end of a marking period. The events compel students to reflect on and articulate what they have learned, how they learned, questions they answered, research they conducted, and areas of strength and struggles. They are powerful opportunities to make learning public. 

Students at YCMS are engaged in learning and with every celebration, the number of students that are honored grows. Students are set up with their own EDP, Education Development Plan, that is created just for them so they can be successful in their learning and take ownership of their learning.

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