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Ypsilanti Community Grizzlies Spring Sports

  • Boys Baseball – Varsity, JV – Head Coach - Stephen Piazza - spiazza4@ycschools.us
  • Boys Golf – Varsity – Head Coach – John Kim -  jkim5@ycschools.us
  • Girls Softball – Varsity, JV – Head Coach - Duane Edwards - ddedwards55@yahoo.com 
  • Girls Soccer – Varsity, JV – Head Coach Giorgi Nozadze - madrid1292@gmail.com
  • Girls Tennis – Varsity – Head Coach – Taryn Willis- twillis3@ycschools.us
  • Boys and Girls Track and Field – Varsity – Head Coach – Pat Whitepwhite4@ycschools.us                                                                                     

2020 -2021 Ypsilanti Community Middle School Spring Sports Offered

If you are unable to reach a coach or have any questions or concerns involving fall sports start up dates and times contact: YCS Athletic Director – Lawrence Reeves – lreeves9@ycschools.us

For all schedules, cancellations, additions, Grizzly Athletics news and information go to ypsigrizzlies.com