Athletic Forms

The form must be completed by new students, parents and former school. This form is intended to assist schools in compiling information to determine eligibility under MHSAA Regulations for students who change schools after starting the 9th grade. Provide copies in new student enrollment material. Request the form be submitted as soon as possible after enrollment to the athletic director for evaluation. The AD may then contact the MHSAA for assistance. Consult Int. 65 and 77 to assist in determining if residential changes are full and complete.  Int. 37 states two current and complete documents are prerequisites for participation: Physical Exam/Consent Form and official school record (transcript) since first enrolling in the 9th grade of any school. 

Physical Exam / Medical History Form

The most frequently requested and downloaded form is the Student-Athlete Physical Exam / Medical History Form. Schools may download any applicable forms below.