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This Month in History: October

Extend your social studies instruction with informative and inspiring content from HMH®, HISTORY®, Google® Field Trips, and the Center for Civic Education. Each month we bring you videos, articles, and current events designed to build cultural awareness, media literacy, and a deeper understanding of significant historical figures and events.

Resources for October

  • Videos, articles, lessons, and more from our partners at HISTORY and the Center for Civic Education
  • Indigenous Peoples' Day
  • Election 2020
  • Google Field Trips
  • News articles for elementary and secondary classrooms

Use the tabs below to explore this month's resources. is a great resource for elementary classrooms with fun articles about what's going on in the news. This website delivers age-appropriate current events stories about people, communities, the United States, and the world every month. Come back often for new stories, spotlight features, and polls. enriches your secondary classroom with subject-specific information from world history, world geography, American history, economics, psychology, sociology, civics, government, and African American history. It also spotlights today's headlines with activities, web links, and the HMH Election Connection.

Web Links