Dress Code Policy

Dress Code Policy for Ypsilanti Community Schools

For All High School SLC's and MIddle School Campus, lanyards and student IDs must be worn.

School Identification

School-issued IDs must be in the possession of each student while on school property or at school-sponsored events. Principals may require IDs to be exposed on a lanyard/clip.


Pants, shorts, capris, skirts, and dresses must meet all the requirements below:

  • Style: Must be worn at the waist and cannot sag. The waist is defined as the area between the top of the hip bone to the bottom of the rib cage.
  • Fabric: Any fabric is acceptable, with the exception of translucent material or Spandex.
  • Length: Shorts, skirts, and dresses cannot be shorter than the end of the fingertips as the arm is at the side, and cannot drag on floor.


Must meet all the requirements below:

  • Style: No vulgar or inappropriate words/graphic designs/logos on tops.
  • Fabric: Any fabric with the exception of: translucent material.
  • Length: At all times, tops must meet the top of the students' trousers or skirt.
  • Neckline: At no time will cleavage be visible.

Top Outer Layers

May only be worn over a dress code compliant top and must meet all the requirements below:

  • Style: Must be one of the following styles: sweaters, sweatshirts, vest, cardigan, suit jacket/Fleece zip jacket/Letter jacket.
  • Hooded clothing is permitted as long as hoods are not worn on head
  • YCS, WRHS, or YHS Letter jackets and athletic jackets/ uniforms are permitted.

The Following Are Prohibited

  • Exposed undergarments (except crew-style t-shirt).
  • Halter tops, tube tops, tank tops and muscle shirts
  • Head gear (caps, hats, sweatbands, bandanas, or scarves, etc.) are not to be worn inside the school building at any time, *exceptions may be made per administration
  • Excessively tattered or torn clothing.
  • Sunglasses may not be worn in the building at any time.
  • Heavy metal chains.
  • Slippers/house shoes.
****Any other item deemed inappropriate by administration****

Any student not in compliance with this dress code will be asked to change his/ her clothes, or parents will be contacted to bring appropriate attire. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping Ypsilanti Community Schools a productive learning environment.