New Tech High Schools are small high schools of 400 total students that use technology to facilitate project-based learning for the students they serve with a one-to-one student-to-computer ratio. The core elements of the New Tech High School are Technology That Enables, Culture That Empowers and Teaching That Engages. These schools make great strides to connect students with their communities through the projects they create.

What's in it for students?

New Tech High School students graduate with problem-solving and workplace ready collaboration skills. Students must also complete 12 credits of articulated or earned college credit upon graduation. This means that students who graduate from New Tech High Schools are prepared for the transition to college because they have already experienced college course work. Parents can look at this as an investment in college readiness and college completed and paid for. Students come out of high school not only college ready, but college experienced. Students may gain these 12 credits in three ways. First, students may take CTE courses at Ypsilanti High School that have articulation agreements with colleges and universities. Second, students may dual enroll at a local college or university. Third, teachers may have the opportunity to teach college level courses as adjunct professors with a local college or university. Students are also required to complete an internship in the career path they are pursuing.

Michigan Merit curriculum

High School Graduation Requirements have become much more rigorous in the past three years. This year's junior class is the first to complete these state requirements. The goal of New Tech High is to complete these credits with as many team-taught project-based learning opportunities for students. For example, students can learn literature and history together. This creates meaningful learning opportunities within the context of time. Many genres and literary developments evolved naturally with changes in the economic and political landscape. It makes sense to teach these together.

Other Key Components

New Tech High Schools foster high levels of parent and community involvement. Building partnerships with our community is an essential function of these schools. Community is defined much more broadly than geography. It means more than local businesses and government. As the world has opened up through technologies like the internet, our sense of physical boundaries has somewhat wavered. In leveraging technology, we look to expand our students' global competitiveness by building a 21st Century learner with a new skill set. Thus, we are expanding our community through our learning and those technologies we are leveraging. We are also building relationships with post-secondary institutions. These colleges and universities make possible the goals of students and their families. Their role in this endeavor is integral.