Estabrook First Mates


First Mates: Students of the Month

Every month Mr. Alvarado acknowledges three students for Student of the Month. Rewards are given for Academics, Citizenship, and Improvement. However, Mr. Alvarado calls the awardees First Mates and rewards them with a gift card and certificate at their home in front of their parents.

September First Mates:

Academic - Christopher Lara-Santos (4th Grade)
Citizenship - Paulina Salazar (8th Grade)
Improvement - Joshua Vazquez (5th Grade)


October First Mates:

Academics -Tamiya Wright
Citizenship - Gustavo Carmona-Hernandez 
Improvement - Christian Kas

November First Mates:

Academics - Caitlin Bowman
Citizenship - Soley Salazar
Improvement - Caitlyn Easley-Young


December First Mates:

Academic - Isaiah Hudson
Citizenship - Zoe James
Improvement - Micah Osler