Welcome Message from the Superintendent


Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Benjamin Edmondson

Welcome to Ypsilanti Community Schools (YCS). As the superintendent, I help set a positive tone within the District and surrounding County in term of educational attainment. I collaborate with our instructional team and County leaders to make YCS "the option" in The City of Ypsilanti, Superior Township, and Ypsilanti Township and "an option" outside our borders for quality education. We are destined to be "the first, high performing urban school district within the United States based on student achievement, teacher expectations, parental involvement, and community/business engagement." Though geographically we are suburban, demographically we have urban characteristics that add to the diversity of our experiences.

Student achievement indicates the culture and climate of each school (no matter the school district). It is the ultimate indicator of leadership, teaching, expectations and the deliverable to the community. At YCS, in my tenure, there is a constant emphasis on data collection, disaggregation, and understanding. Data is used as a flashlight, not a hammer. We use it to identify gaps in student learning and to celebrate what we do well.

Teacher expectations contribute to quality student engagement. Students who are expected to be active contributors learn more rapidly and effectively in classrooms. High expectations may often conflict with students who have been traditionally or historically disengaged in schooling, previously; however, teacher persistence trumps student resistance. Upon your visits to schools, high expectations will look like the following:

  • Higher order questions
  • Active student participation
  • Engaging lessons
  • Limited student disruptions
  • Clear, defined routine

Parent involvement comes in many forms. As superintendent and on behalf of those working for YCS, parent involvement is reading emails and letters from the school/District (being informed), monitoring the quality of homework returned to school, examining the assignments coming from school, ensuring your child's mental and emotional preparation for school, and forming relationships with school staff. Being effective in these areas help your child succeed and navigate through the schooling system.
Community (business) engagement is the active involvement and partnership between school and business. Both understanding the interdependence shared.  

As for me, I am transparent and authentic with families within our community. You ALWAYS get the truth from me. No need for false pretenses, as they are harmful. I work tirelessly to maintain high expectations from everyone beginning with me. I am creative and find ways to engage and involve students in their learning.  

YCS has positioned itself to be a leading school district in the County. With your active participation, we will be viewed as a district within the State known for its innovation, achievement, and involvement.

To learn more about your schools, contact us at ycschools.us.  

Have a great day.


Your Community Superintendent,
Dr. Benjamin P. Edmondson

Link to Welcome to YCS video transcript